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The Equidistant Center

Yesterday was Mother’s Day as well as my birthday. I was born on Mother’s Day; now here I am, twenty-eight years later, celebrating my birthday on my first official Mother’s Day.

In the past week, I experienced emotions all across the spectrum: excitement, frustration, sadness, joy, and hope. When trying to make sense of these waves of emotions, I could only think about a circle.

What makes a circle unique is that all its points are equidistant from its center. Our lives can be represented by this same geometrical figure. We will experience both difficult and joyful times. Our emotions may sway from one extreme to the next, sometimes even within the same day. We will gain and lose throughout life—over and over again. But, as long as we remember who is at our center, we will be alright.

From my losses, I had to realize that God was still with me. During the joyful moments with my son, I am thankful God is still with me. He is within my reach no matter where I am on my life’s journey.

What I’ve learned by embracing holistic health is that it is okay to have happiness and sadness; it is healthy to acknowledge both sentiments. What is unhealthy is attempting to repress them. To manage life’s twists and turns, you must stay grounded. Remember who is at the center of it all.


So, as I celebrated Mother’s Day and my birthday with my family, I spent time reflecting on my life’s center. I reminded myself that with God at my center, I can handle what has and may come my way. Because of this, I can appreciate that life does indeed come full circle.


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