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Simple Sugar Scrub Recipe

Hey there,

How’s your skin looking lately? The winter weather can be so harsh on our skin, causing it to become wind-chapped, cracked, and very dry.

My hands are usually most affected by the winter weather. They can become so rough and discolored from the lack of moisture. To combat this, I’ve been using my sugar scrub and whipped body butter to keep my hands exfoliated and conditioned. This simple sugar scrub is made will all-natural ingredients to gently remove rough patches on the skin and improve circulation to keep the skin soft and supple.


Here’s a quick recipe to make your own sugar scrub!


Simple Sugar Scrub

-pure cane sugar, 1 cup

-olive oil, 1/3 cup

-essential oils, 10-15 drops

Add all ingredients in a bowl. Mix well until sugar is saturated. Store in an air-tight container and shake well before use (the oil and sugar tend to separate over time). Shelf life is 6 months. To use, wet skin and apply sugar scrub. Rub scrub onto skin well to exfoliate skin. Rinse off. Enjoy your silky smooth skin!

Be sure to use pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Some of my favorite ones are grapefruit, lavender, and lime. Looking for a blend? Try lavender essential oil and vanilla absolute or extract, or orange essential oil with vanilla extract.


If you’d like to skip the DIY phase and just enjoy the benefits of this sugar scrub, feel free to order your own sugar scrub from Earth-Kissed Beauty. Don’t forget the body butter, too!

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