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New Series: Tried It Series

Hey there,


The journey of holistic health can be a winding trail full of culdesacs and harsh forks in the road. There’s natural deodorant, gluten free meals, waste-free lifestyles, CSA’s, and crunchy granola moms. Don’t forget the yogis, juicing, chakra aligning, composting, and chemical-free cleaning products. Is your head spinning yet?


Natural Awakenings

In effort to better navigate through holistic health, All of KP will have a Tried It Series. I will share some insight into various health topics and products and discuss whether I plan to incorporate them into my holistic health journey.  Hopefully, the summaries of my holistic health experiences and experiments will help you better decide how to develop a holistic health lifestyle. Stay tuned for these posts. It’s gonna be great!


Tried It Series

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