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31 Days of Self Care Challenge: 2 Week Recap

Hey there,

The first 2 weeks of the All of KP 31 Days of Self Care Challenge have passed, and we are off to a great start! Participants have shared with me their self care journeys and listed the activities that have been successful and those that have been more of a challenge. As promised, I’m here to keep you updated with my self care journey.


Week 1 included the following activities:


My Week 1 was a successful start to this challenge!  I enjoyed a lunchtime walk with coworkers, made some changes to my LinkedIn account, ate a healthy lunch on Thursday, and enjoyed reading a book while sitting on my deck Saturday afternoon.


Slow cooker agave ginger chicken, brown rice, broccoli

I was a bit stumped as to what my “something new” would be on Friday. The activity had to be something that would be my type of self care and could be planned at the last minute. I decided on attending a dinner-and-movie theater. I’ve never been to one before and was so excited to give this a try! The theater was very chic and included reserved, reclined seating and a full in-theater service. Once seated in the theater, the wait staff quickly greeted us and took our meal orders to ensure the food would arrive before the movie began.  It was a great date night and a true self care experience!

Week 2’s activities are below:


This week was bit more challenging for me. I was pretty tired last week, and self care seemed to be less of a priority. Instead of exercising on Monday, I went to bed earlier than usual. In my opinion that’s self care too!

I did pretty well with meeting the other activities. Writing a love letter to myself was less difficult than I initially expected. Once I started, the words flowed more easily onto the page. More importantly, the words were sincere and lifted my spirits.


Equally spirit-lifting was thanking people who’ve impacted my life. Showing gratitude is a humbling experience.

My meatless meal was a green smoothie for breakfast, and I decluttered my kitchen bar top which was full of mail and other papers needing attention. I also visited my grandmother and spent time with some other family on Saturday-something that I had been putting off (because I’m tired and work has been a bit more stressful lately).

Thursday’s challenge was particularly fitting: journal. When designing this challenge, I never paid attention to the dates and the specific activity listed. August 10 is the day my Papa made his heavenly transition; Thursday marked 2 years since he passed. Being able to journal and express my feelings was a peaceful experience.


Overall, I am quite pleased with my first 2 weeks of this challenge! I’ll be sure to share my results from the remaining weeks. If you’re in this challenge with me, I want to encourage you to continue to engage in self care. It’s so easy to prioritize our external responsibilities and forget to care for ourselves-that true internal responsibility. But by caring for ourselves, we’re able to better manage our external duties. You can’t help fill others when your own well is dry.


21 Ways to Thrive by 45 devotional

Like what you see and wanna join in on the fun? You can still join the challenge! Sign up by clicking the link below.


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