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30 Thankful Days

November is here!

Bring on the cooler weather, color-turning leaves, boots, and hot apple cider! Thanksgiving is also a part of this wonderful month but has its own set of controversies.

Instead of using one day to show thanks, my friends and I decided to celebrate 30 Thankful Days. Each day in the month of November, we will share one thing we are thankful for.

Expressing gratitude is known to improve psychological and physical health, enhance relationships, improve quality of sleep, reduce aggression and negative feelings, improve mental fortitude, and improve self-esteem. Overall, it is a great form of self-care. Why limit a day of thanks to one standard Thursday in November?

If you’d like to experience the joy that comes from expressing gratitude for 30 days, please join us! I’ll be sure to share some updates of my gratitude journey.


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