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The Wholē Temple Podcast explores living with intention and thriving in holistic wellness. We believe the body is a temple, and every room deserves honor and respect. On the Wholē Temple Podcast, host, Kristin Pridgen shares holistic wellness tips and chats with people who are experiencing life the the full.  

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Revive your energy, detox your body, and boost your immune system with Energybits. These simple tablets are made with organic, non-GMO spirulina and chlorella, two types of algae. They work wonders to boost mental focus, improve your skin and hair health, and speed recovery. I've been taking a few tablets a day to help me get through that midday slump, and I'm loving the results! My energy feels sustained without having a crash a few hours later. NASA says algae is the most nutrient-dense food in the world, and I can see why. Buy your first pack of energybits and save 20% with my promo code: TEMPLE

My Financial Zen

Financial wellness is when our finances are aligned with our values and cover our needs. My Financial Zen provides guidance and resources to help individuals, entrepreneurs, and families learn to prioritize their financial health. They're offering 50% off their customer-favorite course, "Financial Wellness 101: Introduction to the 5 Stages of Financial Wellness". A self-paced online course providing a framework for a healthy financial foundation. Use code 50PERCENT at check out.

Moda Wellness

My favorite holistic nutrition consultant, Monique' Jones launched her wellness consulting business, Moda Wellness. She's providing nutrition and wellness consulting for those looking for guidance on living holistically, managing weight, and eating consciously. Monique' is offering Wholē Temple listeners 25% off of their entire Moda Wellness Journey. Just mention that Wholē Temple referred you! 

Soulistic Arts

Soulistic Arts provides courses and education on body intuition and confidence. Owner, Lisa Medley believes our bodies are instinctively aware of its needs and works with individuals to develop a positive relationship with their bodies and trust its intuition. Soulistic Arts is offering a FREE Reclaim Your Body as Divine 3-Part Bundle for our listeners. It includes a video on 5 ways to embody divine energy, an energy cultivation assessment, and a 1:1 consultation with Lisa. Click below to start your journey into learning your body's wisdom.


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